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News clips, press releases, and blog posts about Centri Tech Foundation's work.

3 October 2022 • Press Release

Community development leaders join national nonprofit organization to expand initiatives for digital advancement.

29 September 2022 • Press Release

CTF partnered with Morgan Stanley to provide 5 social impact leaders with $250,000 and customized support to scale and drive systemic change.

18 May 2022 • Press Release

CTF launched an interactive Digital Advancement Muni Index aimed at streamlining digital equity policymaking.

14 April 2022 • Press Release

CTF is launching the inaugural 2022 Digital Integrators Pilot Program to support innovative digital skills models aimed at building an inclusive digital economy.

15 December 2021 • Press Release

CTF partnered with the National League of Cities to convene salon discussions with mayors, council members, and senior leaders about digital equity efforts in their cities.   

21 October 2021 • News

Local government was eager to learn how discounted or free broadband access programs affected digital access across Philadelphia. 

20 October 2021 • Press Release

CTF partnered with the City of Philadelphia and Wilco Inc to assess the impact of discount internet services on addresses the digital divide and equity.

19 October 2021 • Press Release

Centri Tech Foundation will select 5 winners to receive $250,000 award and customized support to accelerate their ability to scale and drive systemic change.

22 September 2021 • Panel

CTF presented at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's annual leadership conference's panel discussion on Broadband and Digital Infrastructure. 

15 June 2021 • Press Release

Wilco will partner with CTF, SSRS Research and Dr. John B Horrigan to design, implement and analyze a survey about household internet access and adoption.

16 October 2020 • Announcement

Urquilla brings extensive experience in the design, implementation, and scale of tech-enabled solutions for social impact to the non-profit start up.

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